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by Mel Shipman, Life & Ladle

Happy new year, Ladlers! I hope you had a great entrance into 2021 and have taken some time to refresh yourself. It’s so important for us to protect our energy and learn how to be more mindful of where we give it out, whom we give our energy to, and also where we get energy from. The flow of energy is everywhere, so be mindful if you have any kind of energy that doesn’t feel right for you to hold.  If it doesn’t feel good for you to hold, it’s not yours and you need to let it go.

I know the new year is usually a time to talk about all things fresh and bright and well…new! But I want to talk about something that maybe isn’t so sexy or appealing to the senses. I want to talk about the “C” word…


It’s one of the things we need if we’re to ever develop different habits or make different decisions. It’s the jelly in a discipline sandwich – you need both in order to go through the process of change. But why is it so hard to develop consistency?

If you think about it, you are already consistent in a lot of things. Take your morning routine for example – you wake up, use the loo, zombie-walk to the coffee maker and turn on the switch, hop in the shower, figure out what sweatpants you’re wearing for the day, find a shirt that doesn’t have any noticeable stains, smile to yourself as you inhale the beautiful aroma of those arabica beans, and sit down to work. 

And if you have kids, this beautiful routine gets interrupted by toothpaste wars in the bathroom, cereal flying in the air, and panic attacks over where the homework went (prompting you to eye the dog suspiciously).

What’s your point, Mel?

Sometimes, we don’t see how second-nature consistency is because it’s become the basis of our routines. Whether or not you like what you’re doing or the choices you’re making, you are demonstrating consistency. So even if you want to start eating better or hitting the gym three days a week and you struggle with maintaining that, what you’re being consistent in now are all the decisions you make that counteract those new behaviors.  So you ARE being consistent, just not in the things that you want to be consistent in. If you can focus on the fact that you know how to develop consistency and take the focus off of the things you don’t want to keep up, you have half the battle covered! Now, you just need to give yourself the time to develop a new routine or behavior that you want to be consistent in.

Think about what you are doing now with your daily routine – how did you shape it to the way that it is now? Is there anything you want to do differently? Once you identify what that new thing is, think about when you can become consistent in it – is there a certain time of day that is always flexible with your schedule? Are there certain days of the week that makes it easier for you to commit to doing this new thing just to get the ball rolling?

You have to remember that consistency is key, but it’s also a process of becoming something new. None of us were born as full grown adults – it took a LOT of time for us to mature and develop into who we are today. So, give yourself the time you need, but whatever time you commit to it – love yourself enough to do this every time.

Until next time,