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Happy Women's History Month!!

Women's History Month - What Women Really CAN Do

by Mel Shipman, Life & Ladle

Happy Women’s History Month! It’s been quite a crazy start to 2021 and it’s hard to believe we are already into March and spring is almost here.

As I reflect on the remarkable history that women have made over time, it reminds me of the bravery and courage we need to take bold action in what we believe is true. This may mean defying the status quo or not accepting what you’ve been handed in life as your final destiny. This may mean having to make deep sacrifices and difficult decisions. This may mean learning how to continue to push forward when everything is so uncomfortable and uncertain.

If history can teach us anything, it’s that what was once considered impossible or unacceptable can be made possible and acceptable. What was once marginalized can become normalized. What was once a curious thought can become a new way of experiencing life. 

All because we dared. All because we defied. All because we defeated fear.

Until next time,