Hope in the New Year

by Julia Obogeanu, Life & Ladle Lifestyle contributing editor

Hope…possibly one of the most powerful emotions we experience collectively. 2020 is over and now we all have one thing in common…hope that 2021 will somehow be better to us all.  But if we have learned from New Years resolutions past, hope without action usually results in failure.  So if we want things personally or collectively to get better we begin with hope, but in order to succeed we must align our actions, thoughts and feelings in order to overcome and attain whatever it is that alludes us. 

One thing we’ve learned from 2020 is that if you want change you can’t just hope for it. You have to be bold. You have to work. You have to take risks.  You have to fight for what you want.  You have to let go of certain things. You have to have discipline. You have to really try hard, be persistent and consistent. Every single day. You have to try so hard that it eventually becomes easy! You have to keep moving forward. The journey isn’t what you think and there will be epic highs and devastating lows but you have to keep going. We take breaks sometimes because we might get to the point where we just can’t do it anymore….so we rest, sometimes we relapse, but we can’t stay here forever. We know this. Many of us are here at this point right now…all we have left is hope and the realization that hope means nothing without action. 

During this time of the year we romanticize a new beginning.  After all, it is a fresh start for everyone. So we have a sense that we are not alone. We have community. We are all trying to be better in different ways. Around this time is when most people say enough is enough…I just can’t live off hope anymore it’s time for action.  So whatever you are procrastinating, whatever you just can’t bring yourself to do…now is the collective moment to get yourself together. Now is the moment when you are not alone. Because when you reach your lowest low there is only one thing left to do…you force yourself to get it together. If not, 2021 will be just like all the rest of the years you couldn’t or wouldn’t make an effort.  So if you want change for yourself than it’s time to have more than just hope…it’s time for action. It’s the only way to achieve your dreams!