The Truth About Balance

by Julia Obogeanu, Life & Ladle Lifestyle contributing editor

Balance – a concept we all struggle to achieve. I’ve heard many people say their goal is to find balance between one experience of their life and another. For example, work-life balance has been an important initiative for companies to implement in order to attract and retain employees. But, is our understanding of balance somewhat…off-balance?

I’ve recently experienced two major extremes of life – one was a situation where I was secure financially but unstable in my health. Another was a situation where I became incredibly stable with my health yet was financially insecure. Both situations taught me very important lessons of having too much of one thing and not enough of another thing. I had to understand that what I thought was important in both of those situations wasn’t supposed to cancel something else important to me out; rather, I have to find harmony between all the things I say are important to me.

I don’t think balance can be always be achieved when you split up your time, energy, and efforts equally between things. I think balance is more about learning how to flow between all the parts of your life, being present in each one while you’re there, and flowing to the next when it’s time. Everything can’t get your attention at the exact same time, but everything can get your attention when it’s time.